Universal Children’s Day- OMEP-US Children’s Day – Nov. 20, 2018 

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child May Be on Hold 

But Supporting Children’s Rights Is Not

Dear OMEP Members and Friends,

Children need you! One way to help is by recognizing and supporting Universal Children’s Day (UCD).  UCD is a day to celebrate all children, recognize their global human rights and promote programs throughout the year that are in “the best interest of the child!” These global rights fall under 5 categories- Survival, Protection, Development, Provision, and Participation.  This is an OMEP national and international concern.

Universal Children’s Day – A Fun Day with a Serious Message                                                                     

How Can We Support “In the Best Interest of Child” throughout the year?

  1. Promote Knowledge of All Children’s Human Rights. Children, parents, families, teachers, organizations, governments, and everyone involved with children need to understand and support all children’s human rights.  This includes society’s needs to support parents in raising their children.

There are many rights from the 42 articles found in the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child on which to focus.  Examples are: the right to have friends and acceptance of these friends, right to play, right to their education, protection from physical and emotional abuse, neglect, violence, freedom of thought, conscience, religion, and the right to express their own opinions especially when it involves them.

Adults can help children learn about their rights by identifying them in children’s regular activities at home, school, and in organizations. Ask each child what a specific right means such as the right to have friends, or the right to express their opinion. Compare answers. Children’s right for development can be fostered by encouraging their participation in family, school, and community activities.

  1. How We Can Help Children Understand and Follow Their Rights and Their Responsibilities to Others.  Adults can help children think of alternative ways to respond appropriately to a situation. In doing so, consider the child’s temperament and development. The adult’s positive role modeling and praising the child’s successful efforts are crucial. Listen to children. Let children help plan activities.

We need to identify and support healthy ways to parent and help prevent exploitation of children in their homes, schools, communities, and on the internet. 

Help others remember that- All children need love, care, fun, and acceptance.

Please share what you have done to support children’s human rights and any suggestions you have.   Feel free to share any or all of this information.  A notice in the public library about UCD is always helpful. Thank you!


Universal Children’s Day: https:/omep.us/                                                                              

Convention on the Rights of the Child: www.unicef.org                                                                                                                 

World Day of Prayer and Action for Children: https://prayerandactionforchildren.org/            

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Dorothy Sailor, Professor Emeritus, Fullerton College, Fullerton, CA                                             

OMEP-US Advocacy Chair for Child Rights and Universal Children’s Day.